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fullsizerenderIn my practice I see myself as a facilitator. When we work together, I am focused on your body’s innate intelligence as to what it needs and wants, allowing for those often quieted inner voices to be heard. I am here to be an affirming support for you to make choices that are not fear and condition based, and to trust yourself. We can use various tools and therapeutic resources to create a timeline and unique healing trajectory to meet your personal goals. My primary training is in herbal medicine, while also integrating diet, nutrition, yoga and movement therapy, nervous system adjustment, pressure points and somatics (internal physical perception and experience). I work best in relationship to clients over time, as typically any illness or challenge the body and mind are facing are rooted and will take time to shift. I am interested in these shifts being lasting and meaningful to you and what you most desire. I believe in a nonjudgmental, harm-reduction approach.

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Please contact me to set up a free 20 minute phone consultation to discuss goals, treatment options and assess if this will be a good fit.

Consultation 1 hour(approx.) – $80-140 sliding scale

Please pay the highest amount of the sliding scale that you can to allow for more folks to come in and receive services at low cost. *The price of the consultation does not include the cost of herbs

Acute Herbal Consult: 20 minutes (approx.)- $30 (This is often over the phone)

These are brief 20 minute consultations to address simple shorter term concerns like a common cold/flu, twisted ankle, poison ivy rashes, or herbal refill/ adjustments, etc. This appointment is to take care of the regular life things that come up, but we will not get deeply into constitutions, patterns, or chronic illness. *Does not include the cost of herbs.

If possible, please make appointments through the online system. You must make a $30 deposit for every appointment which will serve as a cancellation fee if you are unable to reschedule an appointment with a minimum of 24 hours notice.

*A note on pricing

All consultation prices include access to contact me with follow up questions or needs in between appointments that are 15 minutes or under, more than this and it should be included in our follow up appointment. The cost of consultations is not simply the time we spend together, it also includes time for research, formulation, and treatment plan formation, potentially many hours of work. I have created my pricing structure in an effort to create a living wage, for myself and other practitioners, as well as being affordable and accessible to clients and am committed to both communities. I always want to hear from you if you are in need of treatment and the cost is inaccessible to you. I have a certain number of low cost slots per month, and also do some amount of bartering.

Gift certificates also available.

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