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Zell Maude Crews

I am focused on working from an anti-oppressive business model that centers around growth, change and healing as a personal discovery and community process. I believe that through self possession and self determination we can not only work on current and buried wounds, but also begin to dissolve barriers of hurt and oppression that many dominant systems in our world are created to perpetuate.

The many changes, injuries, traumas and joys in life require our attention and our care. I invite you to call back pieces of yourself that may have been lost or left behind, to explore where your physical relationship to your surrounding meets your internal world. Memory, boundaries, and exploring the hidden or shadow parts of ourselves can allow new beginnings and letting go of unwanted patterns. Looking deeper at what we carry and what we are passing on in the world can allow us together to create new legacies, a new future.

I am very excited about body positivity, empowered expressions of desire and sexuality, trauma release, exploring internalized oppression, forgiveness of self and others, and long term healing of chronic and acute illness; allowing your body to act from its own intelligence and enact lasting change.

Zell Maude Crews was my maternal great grandmother. My name, Anne Louise, comes from my two grandmothers: Anne Shaw Richardson, and Louise Baker Lineberry. My work honors my ancestors and how they live through me; what I have inherited, and what I pass on.

A few words on Tradition

This is from my talented colleague Miel Rose of Flame and Honeycomb. Look up her amazing work! (She said what I wanted to say already so articulately.)

“Traditions are living, breathing, evolving creatures; they are not stagnant.  They are defined by and meant to meet the people’s needs.  Traditions are recognized by colonizers as an essential part of a people’s spirit, and are therefore immediately under attack.  Colonization and genocide have a way of interrupting tradition and freezing it in the moment, destroying its continuity and evolution and making it a static thing of the past.  It is important to remember that while traditions draw on past knowledge and practices, they are meant to serve the needs of today. For white people coming from various European pagan heritages, our traditions were largely destroyed a very long time ago.  We grasp at the fragments that have survived, or pilfer from more recently colonized peoples to fill the gaping hole in our spirits.  The latter is, more often than not, hugely disrespectful and appropriative and salt in the wounds of peoples who were not only most likely colonized by our biological ancestors but whose cultures are still under attack today. We all have ancestors that practiced earth based spirituality at one point.  We need to remember that all traditions find their source in spirit, that traditions evolve out of an active relationship with spirit, and because the spirit source is always there for us to access, no knowledge is ever truly lost.”

Western Constitutional Herbalism

I have been learning and training in different healing forms and primarily Western Constitutional Herbalism for the past 15 years. I am a certified labor Doula, Childbirth Educator, Hatha Yoga Instructor, OWL Sex Education Facilitator, and continue professional development work in Somatic Experiencing Therapy and as a Reproductive and Sexual Health Educator. I have had many inspiring teachers, including the plants, animals and the natural world itself. Please take a look at my resource section to learn more about some of the inspiring teachers and colleagues that have made me the practitioner and educator that I am.

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